Ayari Cosmetics, LLC

Many of our customers come to us for new formulas to stay ahead of the competition; others come to us to develop formulas for a new business. Whatever the need, we can help. We create all types of health and beauty aid products, from basic to complex formulas. We also create cutting-edge formulas using the latest ingredient technology.

Products include but not limited to:

Hair Shampoos
Hair Conditioners
Hair Relaxers
Styling Spritz
Styling Gels
Styling Lotions
Styling Creams and Pomades
Natural Hair and Skin Products
Anti-aging Creams/Lotions/Serums/Treatments
Hair and Skin Treatments
Body Washes/Scrubs
Facial and Body Cleansers
Spa Care
Men Hair & Skin Products
Baby/Children Care
Lip Care
Pet Care